As a Toronto recruiting firm, Kathbern Management has developed a diversified practice and does not specialize in either a functional area or in a particular market sector.

This allows us to work freely and ethically to meet client needs in a variety of areas. Our research methodology is tailored to each assignment we undertake.

We differentiate ourselves by:

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Thoroughly understanding our client’s needs relating to the search assignment and the dynamics of human behaviour

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Our empathy for the “fit” between the candidates and the organization’s culture

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Managing candidate relationships during the interview phase

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Being candid with our clients about the realities of the marketplace and the resources needed to find the right people

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Being on time and on budget with respect to the conduct of our search assignment

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Developing research and tracking methods based on client requirements rather than pre-existing processes

Our approach is to work closely with each client, to allow our client to participate in our development of the search strategy.

We are diligent head hunters and will report regularly by phone and e-mail as to our progress and any issues that we encounter.

We’ve Been There

Having the right people on board makes all the difference, and because we have been in your shoes, we are driven to help our clients build the strongest team possible – one person at a time. With the right people, an organization can build on its existing structure and systems and take the necessary steps to improve its financial prospects over time, through improved operations and profitability.

Operational, Financial, Technical Experience

We’ve done it all. We’ve seen what works and doesn’t work. Our team members are all senior practitioners with years of experience in operating roles and on the recruiting side.

Geographic Limitations


The following are countries/regions in which we have worked as executive recruiters to source candidates for our clients to date:

  • Canada
  • UK
  • United States
  • South Africa
  • Australia
  • West Africa
  • New Zealand