We partner with company owners, senior managers and human resource departments to help them build the strongest possible teams.

Our recruitment services are somewhat variable depending on the needs of the organization.

Larger organizations often know exactly what they want and our role is to dig deeper than they have the time to do and bring a wider selection of candidates forward for consideration.

Smaller organizations may be unsure of exactly the type of person that they need in order to address a particular problem or to enable them to grow. In these instances, we help to define the role and the ideal characteristics so that we can identify the best candidates who are currently available.

Finding individuals who are well qualified and prepared to consider a change in employment is the prime objective of our assignments.

We believe this is best accomplished through research and direct sourcing, supported by selective advertising to quickly generate interest among currently available candidates.

We generally divide search projects into two distinct phases.

Stage One: Research to Target Highly Qualified Candidates

During the first phase, we conduct a comprehensive research program to identify and review qualified candidates prior to moving to the second phase to interview and assess.

We utilize primary sources such as commercial data bases, social networks, educational institutions, government sites and industry specific registries. In addition, we use our extensive personal connections to reach out to identify individuals likely to be of interest.

We begin targeting those individuals who either appear to have the background to be potential candidates or who, because of their current or previous positions, could potentially be a useful source of information. We cast our net wide and quickly expand our contacts until we begin to reach candidates who both appear to fit our criteria and are willing to enter into a discussion about their careers.

Stage Two: Assessment

In our second stage, we assess selected candidates during one or more in-depth discussions to determine background, experience and potential fit with the client’s organization.

Our evaluation of candidates will be based on specific criteria which are unique to your organization and to the role for which they are being considered.

When the finalist candidates are presented to the client, we summarize their credentials and discuss our assessment with you. We also point out any concerns candidates may have with respect to the position and inform the client of their expectations. As far as possible, our assessments will be objective and designed to help the client to determine which individual to select for the position. The client will ideally see the best three or four candidates and have several in-depth discussions with us as the process moves forward.

We will also coordinate the interviewing process. Making an offer to the selected candidate is no guarantee that he or she will accept. To maximize the chances of receiving a positive response, we determine from the selected candidates what will attract them and will help to construct an offer that has the best potential of success.

Psychological assessments are also used, as necessary, to further assist with the selection process. We can recommend a service which we use or we can work with any tool that the client is more familiar and comfortable with.

Offer Presentation and Reference Checking

An offer to the chosen candidate is usually provided on a conditional basis with a deadline for acceptance, and is subject to your approval of detailed reference checks which we perform for the candidate.

Subject to a client’s specific requirements, we typically conduct a reference check phone interview with at least two past supervisors, one peer and one subordinate. Our detailed reference report is submitted to the client with as many verbatim quotes from the referees as possible.