Our Approach

Having The Right Process is Everything

In order to build a great team, you must have a first rate hiring process that is efficient, far-reaching and produces the star candidates that you are looking for, without losing them along the way.

A poorly defined search process, a lack of time and/or a lack of real energy to cast a wide net will result in missed opportunities to identify and compete for truly talented people who, in the end, are the key resources that directly impact the success or failure of an organization.

Getting the Right Fit is at Least Half the Battle

When it comes to finding the right people to help grow your business, the “fit” of a potential employee makes all the difference and, with the right team in place, all things become possible over time

Each Recruitment Project is Unique

Through our process, we approach every assignment as a fresh project with unique characteristics. We put ourselves in our client’s shoes and take considerable care to first understand our client’s business, the culture of their organization and their aspirations for the future.

We then work with our clients to uncover the key success factors that a prospective candidate would need in order to be successful in the current position and to fit well within the organization.

Simply put, we are not interested in just finding “warm bodies” for our clients.

We Leave a Good Impression

We are conscious of our client’s best interests throughout the search process and ensure that the client’s image is upheld by treating every candidate with courtesy and respect.

Furthermore, we guarantee our work and therefore have a personal stake in the long-term success of each and every assignment.

Our objective is to present a selection of the best candidates available in the current market to our client as soon as possible from the start of our engagement.

The target time frame can vary, of course, depending on the particular role, geographic location, compensation level and the availability of candidates who are qualified and willing to be considered.

“If you hire people just because they can do a job, they’ll work for your money. But if you hire people who believe what you believe, they’ll work for you with blood and sweat and tears”

– Simon Sinek