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Recruiting the Right Board of Directors is Crucial for any Organization’s Success

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The role of the Board has become increasingly important in recent years. The responsibilities are significant and the need for talented and committed members has never been greater.

Whether your organization is seeking to fill a specific gap in your board’s industry experience or to strengthen government relations or perhaps provide more depth in finance and audit – we can help.

While experience and credentials will be a key part of your selection criteria, a large consideration will be related to chemistry and compatibility.  New members must be willing to contribute in a collegial manner. Your selection committee will be charged with that evaluation, but we can ensure that you have a source of qualified candidates to enable your filtering process.

We can help you to get the key person you need and do it while minimizing the time that you need to invest in the process.

Our clients involve us for three main reasons:

  1. To increase the speed of getting the right board member in place
  2. To improve the quality of candidates that they are considering
  3. To reduce the headaches involved in advertising, screening and scheduling interviews


  • "…I especially appreciated your objective input to our extensive evaluation process. At no time did you pressure me into making a premature decision. You maintained unwavering patience throughout; driving to fulfill our long-term needs. I have yet to meet a Toronto executive recruiting firm with these characteristics."

    - Brian Guenther – President, BVA Systems Ltd. – Markham
  • “I can’t thank you enough for this one. Your professional approach, diligence, patience and thoroughness always produces the best recruiting results and we have no doubt we have made a good decision … you are my go to recruiters. Always a pleasure working with you… you know how to get in my head, and understand my goals.”

    - Steve Plymale – Chief Executive Officer, Profound Medical Inc.
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