Not-for-Profit Management Recruiting

Not-for-Profit Management Recruiting

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Your next not-for-profit management leader is waiting! 

The recruitment team at Kathbern Management specializes in matching companies with perfect-fit not-for-profit managers, making recruitment easier, more efficient, and ultimately successful.

A great leader is essential for any not-for-profit any organization. From managing people and events to ensuring that enough resources are available to support your cause, almost every aspect of your good work’s success relies on having the right not-for-profit leaders in place.

Our not-for-profit management recruiting team understands that each client’s definition of an exceptional candidate is different. That is why we take the time to get to know your overall situation and specific requirements, so we only match you with candidates who are skilled, experienced, and meet your exact standards.

We use proven research and tracking methods to find qualified candidates based on your requirements, rather than pre-existing processes that simply muddy the waters. The result is a talent pool of excellent not-for-profit leaders, making recruiting easier, faster, and more efficient.

Developing long-term relationships is paramount at Kathbern Management. That’s why we guarantee our work, giving us a personal stake in the success of each and every search assignment. From initial contact right through to making an offer, we maintain a level of client service excellence that keeps your needs and goals first and foremost.


  • "Larry Smith and The Kathbern Management team provided excellent guidance to our Search Committee and Board of Directors. They were hired to recruit our new Executive Director and completed the search on time and on budget. We would highly recommend Kathbern Management for your recruitment requirements."

    - Brian O'Donnell – Board Member, CRC Self-Help
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Looking for an exceptional not-for-profit management professional? Kathbern Management is ready to help by matching you with the perfect-fit candidate. Contact our not-for-profit management recruiting team today for a no-obligation discussion.

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