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Our recruiting team knows how crucial it is to have the right person take on these important functions. You can count on us to match you with the perfect supply chain management candidate, every time.

Supply chain management professionals carry a lot of responsibility. They manage the entire process of procuring and transporting your raw materials, as well as storing and shipping your finished goods, and also need to respond quickly to any supply chain crisis.

We recognize that each client’s definition of an excellent supply chain management candidate is different. That is why we take the time to get to know your overall situation and specific requirements, so we only match you with candidates who are skilled, experienced, and meet your exact standards.

Our supply chain management recruiting team uses proven research and tracking methods to find qualified candidates based on your requirements, rather than pre-existing processes that simply muddy the waters. The result is a talent pool of exceptional supply chainmanagement professionals, making recruiting easier, faster, and more efficient.

Developing long-term relationships with our clients is paramount to Kathbern Management. That’s why we guarantee our work, giving us a personal stake in the success of each and every search assignment. From initial contact right through to making an offer, we maintain a level of client service excellence that keeps your needs and goals first and foremost.


  • “…I especially appreciated your objective input to our extensive evaluation process. At no time did you pressure me into making a premature decision. You maintained unwavering patience throughout; driving to fulfill our long-term needs. I have yet to meet a Toronto executive recruiting firm with these characteristics.”

    - Brian Guenther – President, BVA Systems Ltd.
  • “I can’t thank you enough for this one. Your professional approach, diligence, patience and thoroughness always produces the best recruiting results and we have no doubt we have made a good decision … you are my go to recruiters. Always a pleasure working with you… you know how to get in my head, and understand my goals.”

    - Steve Plymale – Chief Executive Officer
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Are you adding to your supply chain management team? Our recruiting experts are ready to provide you with exceptional perfect-fit candidates based on your specific needs. Contact our recruitment team for a no-obligation discussion today!

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