National Mechanical Air Ltd.

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Rocco Morra, President, was looking to grow his commercial HVACR business through adding an experienced sales person to his team.
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Kathbern met with Mr. Morra and found that he was also frustrated about the amount of time he was spending on administrative matters and the fact that he had no one to help him to “run the business”. On the sales side, it was apparent that he needed more than a junior “sales rep” and more likely needed someone with maturity and a broader interest in the overall success of the business than just bringing in new customers. Kathbern proposed a job outline which captured the requirement for a mature and broad based business development person who could also act as Mr. Morra’s second in command in running the business as a whole.

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Kathbern posted the job requirements on-line and began to screen applicants for the special set of skills, experience and personality that fit these requirements. At the same time, Kathbern began to contact selected individuals in the “passive” market – people who have the right background but aren’t really looking for a change because they are working, busy and not totally dissatisfied where they are currently. These individuals need to be “sold” on the opportunity.

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A number of interviews were set up where Mr. Morra could meet and compare candidates with different backgrounds. In the end, after Kathbern assisted with the preparation of an offer, advised on compensation issues, and conducted employment and other background checks, an individual with HVACR experience, a related technical licence and sales experience was hired as General Manager.

Mr. Morra can now focus on running the “outside” aspects of the business while the new General Manager focuses on growing the business through active business development and managing the “inside” aspects. National Mechanical Air is now on a solid path to stable growth.