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Profound Medical is a company in the process of commercializing its innovative treatment for prostate cancer. It is focused on seeking regulatory approvals in various jurisdictions and in marketing its products in areas where it already has approval. The company is very focused on technological development and needed a Project Manager who could establish rigorous control over the development process despite the complexity of having various engineering teams involved and the need for strict documentation in view of the close regulatory scrutiny that invasive medical devices are subject to.

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Kathbern proposed searching not only the medical device industry but also other industries which also are subjected to intense regulatory supervision and require strict project control and documentation.

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Kathbern worked with the Director of Human Resources at Profound Medical to develop a job outline which would appeal to candidates with the desired attributes. This was posted on-line immediately and then Kathbern began its work of identifying potential candidates who might not see the on-line ad and may need a more proactive approach to introduce them to this opportunity.

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Using a combination of methods, within a few weeks Kathbern had identified a number of potentially interesting candidates from different industries. After several interviews with key personnel at Profound Medical, an offer was made to an experienced Project Manager from the aerospace industry. The offer was accepted, reference checks completed and the engagement finalized.