Ecotherm Inc. – National Sales Manager

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Ecotherm supplies HVACR control products across Canada to original equipment manufacturers of air conditioning and refrigeration products, and through wholesalers, to HVACR contractors. The company was anxious to increase the volume of sales, and as a small distributor/ manufacturer, Ecotherm felt that its most economical method of improving sales would be to add a non-exclusive commission-only sales representative who would also represent other complementary (but not competitive) suppliers.

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Kathbern was somewhat doubtful of Ecotherm’s chosen approach but agreed to test it in the marketplace. After several weeks of attempting to recruit a non-exclusive sales representative, it became abundantly clear that Ecotherm was too small to command sufficient attention from a non-exclusive sales representative. Based on the factual information gained, Kathbern recommended the investment in a full-time National Sales & Marketing Manager who would be dedicated to Ecotherm and who would take a broad interest in the success of the company.

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Kathbern drafted a revised job outline for Ecotherm’s approval and then posted it on-line to gather immediate traffic. Kathbern then began searching the HVACR industry and related industries for sales oriented engineers who understood the sales and marketing process.

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During its search, Kathbern identified one very senior individual who was obviously over-qualified for this particular role. Nevertheless, Kathbern engaged this individual in conversation and found that they were between assignments and curious about the Ecotherm opportunity. After several meetings with Ecotherm’s owner, it was decided that this individual was probably too senior for this particular role on a long term basis, however a short-term contract was concluded that enabled Ecotherm to have the benefit of this individual’s extensive experience in setting out a path for the company for its growth and development in the sales and marketing area prior to resuming the search for a full-time National Sales & Marketing Manager.