Temspec – Director of Sales and Marketing

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Temspec’s long serving Vice President of Sales and Marketing indicated his intention to retire in 2 months, leaving President Mark Ellison with the challenge of identifying a replacement. Temspec was growing quickly and in fact, had outgrown its Mississauga facility. Mr. Ellison would have to find a new home for the company at the same time as running the business and finding a capable senior manager to lead the Sales and Marketing function.

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Kathbern worked with Mr. Ellison to identify the characteristics which would lead to success for potential successors to the retiring Vice President. The job would be somewhat different than the one being vacated, but a deep understanding of the HVAC world, great leadership skills and excellent customer relations ability would be absolute requirements.

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Kathbern searched the HVAC industry across Canada for senior level sales and marketing leaders who appeared to have skill sets and experience that matched the criteria. Possible candidates were screened, and short listed individuals deemed to be most appropriate were scheduled for interviews with Temspec. Through its interviews, Temspec narrowed the list further and ultimately focused on the chosen candidate.

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Kathbern advised on the preparation of an offer, conducted reference checks and communicated between the candidate and Temspec. The offer was accepted and Temspec was able to welcome a new senior manager to its team.