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How to recruiter-proof your company

Hint: it comes down to good leadership (Reading time: 5 minutes)   In the early days of my career, I was hired as the general manager of a small cable TV business. Although I had experience as a manager, I knew nothing about cable TV, so I made a point

Want to hire the best? Meet the people!

Don’t rely solely on resumes. (Reading time: 5 minutes)   The frustration of recruiters Imagine the frustration of recruiters when their carefully selected candidates are rejected outright, without even a brief 20-minute meeting with the client. This common scenario is a source of aggravation for recruitment professionals, who often endeavor

Read to lead: the 2023 edition

Do you know the story behind the development of the Oxford dictionary? It involves a dedicated editor, a mansion housing the criminally insane, and a convicted murderer. This might seem like an off-piste beginning to this month’s blog, but the tale of The Professor and the Madman—one of my reading picks

Are You Confusing a Job Description With a Job Posting?

(Reading Time: 5  minutes) Knowing the difference is key to attracting a diverse pool of candidates for your open positions   Have you ever encountered a nine-page job posting? I have, and when I do it tells me two things—one, the company doesn’t know the difference between a job post

Who’s your Number One?

(Reading Time: 6  minutes)   Why many business owners are too directly involved in their own business   Are you a Star Trek: TNG fan? If you are, you’ll know how much Captain Jean-Luc Picard leaned on his second-in-command, the ship’s first officer, Commander Will Riker. Riker took command in

Can you go moose hunting?

(Reading Time: 8  minutes)   Avoid these mistakes and hire the right people for your business so you have more free time…and more peace of mind.   Several years ago, I got a call from a person who wanted my help. After the usual introductions, he got straight to the

Why panel interviews are key

(Reading Time: 3  minutes)   Understanding the gold standard of interviewing   A couple months ago, I told you about Paul and Cindy, who run a small business making and selling heirloom baby quilts. They decided they needed some help, and hired us, a non-contingency retained recruiter. We worked with

Stop Thief!

(Reading Time: 4  minutes)   Why counting clocks and keystrokes won’t stop time cheats   It was a problem even before Covid sent everyone working from home: how to make sure your employees are working the hours that you pay them to work. There are the mundane, daily stories: people

Who you gonna call?

(Reading Time:  7 minutes)   When to hire a recruiter and what to expect   Meet Paul and Cindy. They are running a small business, making and selling heirloom baby quilts. It started out as a hobby for Cindy, who had made one for each of their children. When friends

Ready. Set. GO!

(Reading Time:  5 minutes)   How to stay focused on your priorities, in business and beyond   Happy New Year! I hope that your 2023 is off to a good start. Now that we’re in the third week of January, you’ve had some time to get back from holiday, sort