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3 Ways a Good Job Description Speeds Up the Sales Hiring Process 1. Tell them what you want, it will filter out the ones you don’t so you don’t have to! Clearly defining the responsibilities of the Sales Rep prior to beginning the hiring process is absolutely critical. Depending on
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3 Sales ROI Numbers That are Killing Your Business

By Andrew Ford ( In the SME market today it takes between 6 and 12 months to ramp up a salesperson, and then the average tenure of that salesperson is only 2.5 years. This means many SME’s are getting a really low ROI on their sales team investments. Ask yourself
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The Employment Offer – Put It In Writing!

A real estate transaction is one of the most common situations where two parties try to come to an agreement by means of a formal offer, subsequent negotiation and eventual acceptance. For most individuals, this is a relatively infrequent event and the resulting transaction is probably one of the largest
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Never Ignore The Competition As A Source Of Leads

What if a candidate for a critical opening at your company: Knows your industry Knows your product (or a similar one) Knows your competition May know your clients May know the exact job Wouldn’t you want to talk to them? But what if they work for a competitor and they
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Broth and Your Talent Selection Process:

Too Many Cooks Can Spoil The Broth. At the evaluation stage, short listed candidates should have been properly screened by professionals who are familiar with the position and with the candidate characteristics which are required for success.  For many positions, the requirements to be evaluated are made up of “Technical”
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Don’t Fail to Launch Your Employee Search

As discussed in our earlier post, Decision Makers Make Lousy Screeners, the odds of success in any recruiting project is positively correlated with the time and effort committed to the search project in a rather compact time frame. Developing the short list must be intense. The first phase of a