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A Road With Many Paths - Kathbern Management Toronto Recruiting Agency

We’ve Been Down Some Strange (But Interesting) Paths

In our role as a Toronto-based recruiting firm with a goal of assisting organizations in finding the key people they need to be successful, we sometimes take an interesting and quirky journey to meet our clients’ needs. The requirements are often challenging – after all, that is why we are
Deciding if You Should Apply for a Job Posting - Kathbern Management Toronto Recruitment Agency

Why Should I Work For Your Company If You Won’t Address These Issues?

A new position opens up, and you’re already dreading the process you’ll need to embark upon to fill it. Finding above-average talent can be difficult and time consuming, and attracting the right candidate with the right mix of skills, experience and cultural fit can feel next to impossible. It takes
A Man With a Sales Hero Shirt - Kathbern Management Toronto Recruiting Agency

Good Sales People Are Free!

Synopsis They are hard to find – but they are worth their weight in gold. They pay for themselves, so they are in effect, FREE! Most employees are really craftspeople. They want to work on making a product or delivering a service. Very few want to sell the product or
4 Clocks With Different Time Zones - Kathbern Management Toronto Recruitment Agency

Remote CEO Selection Across 12 Time Zones

What do you do when there is no time for a cross-global trip and yet a recruitment process has to be run and a new executive chosen? A large international engineering company based in Sydney, Australia (Coffey Engineering – had recently acquired an engineering consulting firm located near Toronto.  The
Erasing The Word Oops - Kathbern Management Toronto Recruiting Agency

Top 8 Common Recruiting Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

The recruiting process is absolutely crucial when you’re trying to secure the best talent. From the first email to the final offer, every step of the recruiting process is key to sourcing top talent for your company. More often than not, an ideal candidate can get cold feet if something
References Check Box - Kathbern Management Toronto Hiring Agency

Reference Checks – A Critical Part of the Hiring Decision

When you’ve found the right candidate for the role, it’s the best feeling.  You’re excited, eager to get the offer out, and hoping that your competition doesn’t snag them before you can lock them down. But just as you’re about to celebrate, you remember one last step in the hiring
Interview In Progress Sign - Kathbern Management Toronto Recruitment Agency

Tragic Air Crash Leads to a Search for a New President

On October 10, 2009 Kevin Houle, President of Tracks and Wheels, a manufacturer and distributor of mining equipment based in Sudbury, Ontario, took off in his company’s Piper PA28 from Kingston, bound for Sudbury, with his wife, his daughter and her boyfriend aboard.  Eight hours later the wreckage of the

Hiring Techniques: Job Posting vs. Head-Hunting

Finding top talent isn’t always easy. Regardless if you are hiring for an entry-level position or an executive role, it can be really hard to sit back and hope the right applicant finds you. Not to mention, other companies and competitors are vying to win those top candidates, and competition

Your Next Hire? – You May Not Know What You Need

Like a doctor treating the symptom rather than the disease, employers often focus on the wrong solution to a problem when bringing on new talent. It pays to look deeper. Bill Thomas owns a mid-sized mechanical contracting company that had been growing quite rapidly in recent years, but lately had