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Janet Candido Guest Blogger - Kathbern Management Toronto Recruiting Agency

Your Top Performer Is Resigning. What Now?

An owner or manager may feel the practical and psychological void left by the departure of someone whom they relied on – and even thought of as an ally or friend. But while losing a great employee is hard, acting irrationally could hurt future relationships and make the transition more

Confidential Search: Not Always Desirable, But Sometimes Necessary

Replacing an employee who still works at your company can be tricky. Often, companies feel that they are better off keeping an underperforming employee a while longer rather than having a vacancy because of their job function. For many companies, losing an employee can affect morale and can also really

The Effective Executive (Getting More Done in Less Time) 

We are in the business of working on behalf of our clients to connect them with effective executives. But what are the ways that one can become an effective executive? Much has to do with effective time management and not only doing things right, but doing the right things in
Potential Job Candidates Online - Kathbern Management Toronto Recruiting Agency

Online Recruiting Magic! (Or So Some Would Have You Believe)

“Just post on Zip Recruiter and you often have great candidates within one day!” Really? In an increasingly digital world, almost everything these days is done online. For many recruiters and HR professionals, the recruitment process almost always starts on the Internet. Whether you’re reaching out to candidates via LinkedIn,
The Image of a Hand With The Word Stop - Kathbern Management Toronto Recruiters

Stop Those Head-Hunters! (From Stealing Your Top Talent)

If you have good talent working for you, chances are that they either have been (or will be) contacted by recruiters or head-hunters at some point. Head-hunters are called “hunters” for a reason – it’s their job to go out and poach top talent from other companies. Often times, they
An image of the ocean - Kathbern Management Toronto recruiter firm

The Ocean (That’s Where Great Companies Recruit From)

Grace Dunbar had some serious decisions to make. As General Manager of Superior Packaging, she had P&L responsibility for a $40 million operation which was facing a number of challenges. Superior was a privately held company owned by four founding shareholders who were not active in the business. She had
A Pool of Potential Candidates With One Circled - Kathbern Management Toronto Hiring Agency

Hire the Best – Forget the Rest

Hiring new employees means more than just filling holes. You want to make sure that you are hiring the right people. Turnover is extremely costly, not just in immediate financial terms but also in terms of disruption and the negative effect that departures can have on general morale. The hiring
A Business Man By Himself Staring Out at a Mountain Top - Kathbern Management Toronto Hiring Agency

Lonely At The Top

Business owners and CEO’s know all too well that they are often totally alone in understanding all aspects of the problems that they face. Spouses and other family members cannot possibly comprehend the full extent and the complexities of the issues that consume the attention of the CEO of an
An Employee Leaving an Office Building - Kathbern Management Toronto Recruitment Agency

Turnover is Killing Your Company – 7 Tips to Make it Stop

Kathbern Management, in our role as a Toronto-based senior management recruiting firm, helps companies find great people to enable them to grow and prosper. We simplify the process and, through our deep research, are able to bring more and better candidates forward than would ever be possible through a do-it-yourself