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Hiring Techniques: Job Posting vs. Head-Hunting

Finding top talent isn’t always easy. Regardless if you are hiring for an entry-level position or an executive role, it can be really hard to sit back and hope the right applicant finds you. Not to mention, other companies and competitors are vying to win those top candidates, and competition
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Your Next Hire? – You May Not Know What You Need

Like a doctor treating the symptom rather than the disease, employers often focus on the wrong solution to a problem when bringing on new talent. It pays to look deeper. Bill Thomas owns a mid-sized mechanical contracting company that had been growing quite rapidly in recent years, but lately had
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The Role of Leadership in Productivity Improvement

Productivity (or the lack of it) – who gets the credit (or the blame), front line employees or management/ownership? Lately there has been a lot of discussion about productivity, or rather Canada’s disappointing record of productivity increases over time.  There also seems to be a certain amount of confusion about
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What’s That You Say – They’re Looking For My Replacement?

Nightmare! You are General Manager of ACME Widget and your current Manager of Widget Distribution isn’t working out.  After spending several months engaging with him about his performance and moving from verbal warnings and coaching to a more formalized and documented performance improvement program, he still isn’t improving fast enough. 
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Resigning Without (or With Limited) Notice

Employees have a duty to provide reasonable notice when resigning.  However, it may be difficult to claim damages unless the cost to the company stemming from the lack of notice (not the cost of the resignation) is greater than the wages saved in the employee’s absence. Refer to this interesting
An Image Of Steve Jobs - Kathbern Management - Toronto Executive Headhunters

Steve Jobs – Forever Recruiting

Most managers don’t worry about recruiting unless there is a hole to fill.  Holes can open suddenly if someone unexpectedly gives their notice, or they can develop slowly over time as a problem employee fails to respond to attempts to salvage them, or their responsibilities outgrow their abilities.  Holes also
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Oops – We Didn’t Mean to Hire You Under THOSE Terms!

You’ve gone through the hiring process of getting the right person on board. You’ve done the advertising, reached out to those “in the know” for contacts, and perhaps retained the services of a recruiting firm (I don’t mind the term “head hunter”). You’ve gone through a number of interviews and
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Your Recruiting Process Doesn’t Work – Here’s Why

Recruiting fails because of a handful of poor tactics. Fix these classic pitfalls and watch your talent acquisition success soar. You Are Fishing in a Puddle – Go For the Ocean! The whole idea of successful recruiting is to choose the best candidates from a very large pool of talent.
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Is salesperson turnover hurting your business?

By Andrew Ford ( The average tenure of salespeople is 2.5 years, in some industries it is even less. Think about what this means for your business. This is costing money, slowing growth and frankly ruining careers. There has to be a better way of managing sales teams to get
A portrait of Andrew Ford - Kathbern Management - Toronto Executive Headhunters

3 Things to Get to ROI on New Salespeople Faster

By Andrew Ford ( The formula for salesperson success at many companies is nothing more than activity goals, hard work, and self-discipline. It is a “sink or swim” mindset founded on the belief that sales is an individual discipline performed by aggressive “go-getters”. This formula’s premise is “experience is the